On Wednesday 5 November i finally finished the first draft in just over 51,000 words. It was basically just the plot with a few bits of dialogur and characterization thrown in.  Before I started revision i need to get a bit of distance betweeb me and the draft so that when I read it I will be doing so with fresh eyes.  So i started a free online course which lasts for 8 weeks. Lots of useful things – creating characters, the importance of detail, keeping a writer’s notebook, research and writing your own short story.  But after three weeks i thought “Well I’m doing the real thing.” So for the first time ever I’m dropping the course. No doubt it will give me nightnmares.


I can call myself poet and author

26/7/14 I’d been  quite happily putting off actually writing some prose, tinkering with the story board and thinking up excuses and putting off the actual work. Now last monday I started a free online course, Talk The Talk which should take 6 weeks, and on Tuesday attended a talk at Waterstones in Guildford about whether to use an agent or go the self publishing route. But before I went I sat down in the morning I sat down and used Dragon for about 600 words it converted into text, and by the time I’d made the corrections and added to the text, had written 1,000. I managed to do that 4 times last week. So i think now I can call myself poet and author.


6/7/14 Hugo Williams said “if you can’t write good poetry then you can’t write good prose.” I been writing poetry since I was thirty learning the craft – voice, lines, stanzas, how to make a good title, meter (although I’m only really bothered about this if the line doesn’t flow) and rhyme – the different forms and their qualities, and reading lots of poems. I’m eager to start writing some fiction. I’ve had a story in my mind for some years so I started to draft an outline which turned into an outline for four novels, which gives me something to aim for.  I say outline because I know that words have a way of taking things over and I’m sure that the characters I’ll be writing about will want some changes, and there’s the plot itself. The unexpected will happen. I’m all set to go. I have some Dragon software to turn my words into text and I’ve been dreaming about the book. But something is always holding me back from starting, illness (shingles took a month to get over), something on television (the World Cup, Wimbledon), family matters but mainly fear that the words won’t come and it’ll be rubbish.