My first preference is for none at all but then I thought maybe I should put down something about myself that shows I’ve been active in the poetry bubble. But should I also say how my little poetry machine works? A friend answered he was more interested in the end result rather than a Haynes type breakdown as to the process. No then.  I have a couple of nice things some poetry mags have said about my poems so why not take them out of context and use them? I thought about Arthur Smith sending me an email – well done that man. I could have sent it out to friends of course but that can wait for a collection. The title of the chapbook comes from a book by Paul Potts (no, not that one), perhaps the most romantic book I’ve ever read. A few relevant quotes. Anything else? The cover. The final choice was a painting by Raul Cordero whose work I first saw when on holiday. I liked the three part structure, what was said and unsaid, the missing parts and the ghosts. There had to be some legal stuff about permission to use the painting.


Rodney Wood

Lives in Farnborough. He left school at 16, obtained a degree with the Open University, worked in the civil service and retired early. Since then he’s organised poetry reading and workshops, volunteered at his local arts centre in Aldershot, and performed in various venues, including the South Bank. Recent work has appeared in or is forthcoming from publications including Brittle Star, Envoi, The Journal, Magma, Prole, South, Stride and Tears in the Fence.

His work has been described as “innovative and moving” by Envoi and “powerful” by Chicago Review

A lover that is not loved is a river which can never get to the sea…you have no more right to ask me to fall out of love with you than I have to expect you to fall in love with me.” Paul Potts

Cover by RAUL CORDERO “Per la vostra sicurezza”

2000. Oil and polyester on canvas

200 x 140 cm

Private Collection, New York

Photo courtesy of Raúl Cordero Studio and Mai 36 Galerie


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