• you don’t have to convince the poetry editor to accept your book.
  • You have exhausted all other publishing possibilities (that is, being turned down by too many publishers) and, having worked long and hard on your poetry collection, want to see it published.
  • Writing poetry is a pleasurable hobby which you have enjoyed and you use a Vanity Publisher to provide copies of your book.
  • You don’t want to spent a huge amount of time or lack the expertise of book production.
  • You can get the book published in in two or three months instead of two of three years.
  • You have control over what’s included in the final manuscript and a say in book production.
  • You may do a lot of open mic readings or are going to a festival and need to have a number of books to hand in order to sell to people who enjoy your work.
  • You make more money per book.
  • It may of course get picked up by a commercial publisher but this is unlikely.
  • It allows publishers to accept more poets, have more writers in print with less overall risk.
  • The publisher no longer has to finance the entire project.
  • You may want to use a particular imprint and have them as the publisher of record.