“Personally I can’t get very excited about this controversy over whether XYZ is a mainstream or vanity firm or something in-between.”

“never pay to get your poems published”

“Poetry is too marginal proposition to be worth serious attention”


Vanity is excessive pride in or admiration of one’s own achievements and as such applies to both the author (who wants to get their work into print) and the publisher (who is made to feel important, worthwhile, gain pleasure or kudos in publishing his/her work and those other others. Vanity Publishing is a term coined by Johnathon Clifford in 1959/60 and the definition (as accepted by the UK Advertising Standard Authority) is “Vanity publishing, also self-styled (often inaccurately) as “subsidy”, “joint-venture”, “shared-responsibility”, or even “self” publishing, is a service whereby authors are charged to have their work published.” Generally speaking they will accept the work of anyone, charge the author for the production of their work and/or the author must purchase X copies of their own book. However, where do you fit print on demand, different types of subsidy publishing and self publishing services offered to writers – editing, proof reading, cover design, printing and marketing?


Publish through …… Avoid the vanity press. All categories considered. Combined Editing and publishing package. Your book never out of print and for sale in all major UK &US on-line bookstores, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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Writing prize for short story or poem any length up to 2500 words. Theme refugees and peace-0seekers. No entry fee. Closes 31n March.

Free poetry contest, max 21 lines, £50,000 in prizes.

Best submissions will be published in an anthology

Poems on any subject required for anthology.

A proven reading/criticism service for new and published writers. Professional appraisals of … poetry. I am a scout for a leading literary agency.

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