Another milestone is always reached. In my case it’s another chapter. The revision is not looking at a checklist but rather just reading and making changes along the way. Thinking for example that chapter 6 could be from the viewpoint of Maggie to save a run of 4 from Bill’s viewpoint. But chapter 10 will be an information dump about vanity presses, still can’t be helped although I should try and just keep it to the business end and have Daniel and his friends talking about POD and subsidy publishers. This week I want to get at least to chapter 13. So by my birthday I should have revised to the end of Part 1 (chapter 55) and should start on Part II which will be about how Bill is forced to assassinate members of the poetry world by Hannah and how he’s hunted by the police

When writing poetry feedback is quicker. There are workshops and it’s easy to send them by email to magazines. It’s also a medium I’m quite happy working in. It’s a nice place and the world would be better if more people wrote, but that will do for another blog.



I was spending too much time putting off writing THE POET ASSASSIN even though I had drated and revised it. Still no where near ready. A New Year’s resolution is hardly drastic but I decided to write no poems this year but to concentrate on prose. So far I’ve revised 5 chapters on the computer so the story reads well but I should say Bill was flying back from Poland (in Chap 1) and in Chap 5 that the bullet narrowly missed Charles thudding into a box of poems instead (the Poet assassin?). Had a small disaster last week because I lost the revised drafts to Chaps 1-4, a few days of more writing. Should really think about vanity presses and its impact on Charles and some of his victims as well as mentioning their plus points.

My 17th day of not writing poetry. It feels strange especially after last night where there was a hint of snow I want to write about “our house streaked with tears” but can’t. And I’ve had 4 poems published already, in Messageinabottle, been to the Betsey Trotwood (to see barbara cumbers reading) and have more poetry books to read. Should also mention I’m off to Woking tomorrow for a photoshoot and to read some poems as part of an open mic songwriterrs citcle.